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Crafting is a feature introduced in the 10/5/15 update of SAS: Zombie Assault 4. It uses alloy, the newly-introduced currency in the update.

Crafting is performed via the Collections menu, and guarantees a 10*** weapon or 10** armor with no pre-augments.

Sas za 4 p1.png

You need to be at least at the level of the specified weapon/armor's average drop level to be able to craft it, with the exception of level 100 items, for which you need to be at least level 90.

Crafting is very expensive, but it can be used to get rare items or maybe a weapon highly distant from your current level.

The only items exempted from crafting are the twenty-three Premium weapons, so you will always have to pay NK Coins to get them.


  • The cheapest weapon to craft is the standard HVM 001. It costs just 32 alloy and $16,420.
  • The most expensive weapons are the Championship weapons. They cost a staggering 3,000,000 alloy and $300,000,000 each!
  • The weapon featured on the Crafting banner is the [BLACK] Version Shredder.
  • This feature is currently exclusive to PC version of the game