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- CM X-1 Furie -
CM X1 Furie.png
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Manufacturer [?] Critical Mass
Ammo Cost [?] $$$.png 9,600 for 50

$$$.png 38,400 for 50 (Premium Ammo)

Damage/Pellet 1,001
Total DoT/Pellet [?] 12,500/5 sec
Pierce 3
Rate of Fire 2 rps
Capacity 25
Reload Time 4 sec
Movement -30%
Firing Mode Full Auto
Weapon Class Rocket Launcher
Damage Type Chemicalico.pngChemical
Approx. Drop Level Championship Reward (displayed as 100 in stats)
Single DPS [?] 27,002
Pierce DPS [?] 81,006
Augmented DPS [?] 108,008
Crafting Cost [?] $$$.png 300,000,000

Alloy.png 3,000,000

"Jets of molecular superacid can cause instant dissolution of organic matter and metal. Sticky nature of this substance hinders surviving targets movement considerably."
―Official Description

The CM X-1 Furie is a Chemicalico.pngChemical weapon officially added to SAS: Zombie Assault 4 on the October 29th, 2015 update. The [BLACK] Version version of it was depicted, along with the Rancor Sadeye, on the February 3rd, 2015 update banner of SAS 4. It fires gloops of acid, staying on the ground much like a spitter's bile, doing massive damage over time. Long before implementation, its image could be found in the game's SWF file via a flash decompiler.

The CM X-1 Furie is the third Championship-only weapon in the game (following the RIA Trident and HIKS M1000), as well as the third Chemicalico.pngChemical weapon. It was first available as a reward in the October 30th 2015 Lone Wolf Championship.


  • Each gloop of acid has limited range before hitting the ground and making a puddle.
  • A zombie or boss will have DoT applied and be slowed upon walking over a puddle.
  • The number of zombies that the DoT can be applied to is limited by pierce value.


Old Furie appearance with green lights

  • Prior to official implementation, the Furie had green lights in its appearances in the update/Championship banners and image in the game's main SWF file. Upon being implemented, the Furie had its lights changed to purple.
  • This Rocket Launcher has no Blast Radius and it doesn't show up in the weapon stats page. Rohan has confirmed it has a Blast Radius in a different way: "It does actually have a blast radius, it just works in a different way to other rockets and because of this doesn't appear to list the radius in the stats for some reason." - Rohan Sharpe Anforth Shown here.
  • KaiJJ, Winner12 and the_doomsday were the first players to win this weapon.
  • In a video by Winner 12, it was shown to be a sort of goop launcher with limited range.
  • This is, DPS-wise, the strongest Championship weapon, although it is still disadvantaged in the fact that most of the damage comes from the DOT. If you continue firing, it will end up at 27,002 DPS unaugmented.
  • As of the 2/25/2016 update, the Furie had its base damage and RPS doubled and its DoT nerfed to 10,000.