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SAS: Zombie Assault 3 Zombie Type
Screenshot 2013-12-30-14-05-02.png
Rarity: Common
First Appearance: Rank 5
Base HP: 160
HP Increase per Rank: +5
Cash Value: ???
XP Value: ???

The Burrower is a Zombie in SAS: Zombie Assault 3. It can notably travel underground. The Burrower has the appearance of a green slug, and leaves an acid trail (when moving and killed) when traveling above-ground.

It also has a larger, darker green variant, as well as a stronger variant that is larger and is red; this version seems to have more range compared with its smaller green cousin. The Burrower and its variants only appear in the mobile version of SAS 3.

Note: They will only move in if you get close (or stand still long enough) after they show up on the surface giving you time to shoot them before they have a chance to leave a trail of acid or attack.


  • Wait until you see the burrower in its idle or attack position then back up as soon as it starts moving to avoid being bitten.
  • A weapon with high damage or high clip capacity is preferred since it's possible to miss a few shots when they're burrowing.
  • Avoid stepping in the toxic goo, it will harm the player over time.
  • Groups of 3 or more burrowers should be dealt with immediately, especially when players are running low on ammo so spamming them with grenades may be necessary.
  • Green and Red Burrower variants are slightly harder to kill than normal burrowers and they also leave a wider acid trail thus making side stepping difficult.


  • Biting: When close to the player it will unfold its mouth and bite the player with its razor sharp fangs which do considerable damage.
  • Acid Trail: Leaves behind a trail of sulfuric acid it lasts for only 1-2 seconds unless the creature is killed. (Even standing on top of it alive or dead will inflict damage until the corpse is de-spawned). It will leave acid trail on front when Biting players.


  • The burrower is one of the two enemies that is not labeled in the zombies section of How to Play.
  • Along with Shadows, they're the only enemy able to bypass barricades, since they will burrow past it instead of breaking it down (while Shadows simply move through them). Inexperienced players will struggle fighting them off.
  • Since zombies only target one player and burrowers only emerge when near its target, some trolls run around the map which keeps the burrower from emerging and being killed.
  • It seems that the face of the Burrower is obscured from a distance. Upon closer scrutiny, the face can barely be seen at the front of the slug, though it looks more like the outlines of the infected's skull, which begs the question as to where the rest of the body of this zombie lies.