The HVM soldiers in the mission, Ice Station.

Boreas is the third planet introduced in SAS: Zombie Assault 4. It currently has two levels, Ice Station and Meltdown. It has the smallest population of the three currently released planets, being home to only 273,834 people, likely due to its permafrost.

The two maps currently offered on Boreas are Ice Station and Meltdown. These are the first two maps not apart of the original seven maps.

The mercenary teams in Ice Station are composed of two to six HVM soldiers and one HVM Captain, with whom you will team up with to eradicate waves of zombies. Afterward, you will have to face them down in order to proceed with the mission. According to this information, it would seem that its mining facilities have contracts with HVM.

In Meltdown, the player(s) has to shut down three timed reactors in Boreas' nuclear power plant. After the three reactors are shut down and the main computer is restarted, the player(s) will have to win a boss fight. There is also a hidden cave in this mission that may or may not appear, and gives the hidden objective "PREPARE TO DIE!" following a loud roar as a massive horde of zombies appears from both sides. If defeated, a massive drop of loot will appear near the exit of the cave, which cannot be re-entered once the zombies stop spawning.


  • Boreas is named after the Greek God of the north wind. An appropriate name, due to its perpetual permafrost and bitter, icy climate and winds (listen to the music on Ice Station, which plays harsh wind noises).
  • There appears to be 2 planets behind Boreas.
    • However, it is unnamed and as NinjaKiwi stops any SAS4 updates, they are unlikely released.
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