• Bomber35

    I have found a way to get exp in the most efficient manner possible and all you have to do in order to level up fast is just simply just rush the map zombie pods.Note this works in both versions of SAS zombie assualt 4. Note that rushing pods as fast as you can will just give you no more than 8,000 exp. Where as rushing pods in 2 minutes or more will give you 20,000+ exp for each run without a premium weapon.I make a 275k exp in 20 minutes with a premium SMG that I use as a clearer,as you can see this method can be easily exploited and can give massive amounts of exp in a short period of time.Having a shotgun along with the 4th shotgun mastery that will allow you to destroy the zombie pods entrance in under 7 seconds and having a powerfu…

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  • GoldenApple NB

    So yea I'm back, for now. Can't keep up the regular contribution with busy work. Also NK is really messing up the game with all the prems. I realized not a SINGLE change besides adding premium weapons was made while I was gone. This game has no future; I'm gonna go play Last Stand: Dead Zone for browser game. I wanna make G36 joke on this game but I'm pretty sure not a lot of people would understand :/

    Anyways, I'm going to stay here only for community since I'm not playing this game anymore. Don't expect me to be online all the time.

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  • The Augster at NK

    This Mortimer dude is one of the coolest mothafuckin' niggas I've ever seen. He's a tough nugget. Augster would only wish he could be as badass as Mr. Morty over here. Dayum!

    But seriously, what the fuck is he doing here? If he ain't gonna talk to Stewie-Bo-Booie, then what business could he possibly have? Anyway, after dissing the shit out of Getty, Mortimer shouted, "FORMATION!" and we all lined up next to Cheif Perry. He went down the line and examined each of us, but then he stopped at me. He said, his voice deeper out loud, "What's your name, cadet?" I responded respectfully. Morty's fists were pretty damn big, if y'all know what I'm saying. "Terrance Dawson, sir. Medic Private." Mortimer rubbed his bearded chin for a few seconds, then…

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  • The Augster at NK

    Another hard day of work in the cargo bay, and this Terrance asshole is making it extra hard for me. The damn fool won't stop flirting with me! For an SAS cadet, he bahaves very poorly. I honestly don't get why he gets cargo bay while August gets Sanitation. There must have been a mix-up or something; August definitely deserves cargo bay more. Or course, it would be much better if we SAS cadets went to an actual training academy them on this stupid ship! It smells like puke worms everywhere...not to mention the fact that I'm a 24-year-old single woman, a rarity in the military, so greasy fellows like Terrance are always at my back.

    There is one guy that I always enjoy talking to, though. My older cousin, Christian Velaquez, is the Cheif Med…

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  • The Atomic Spokesperson

    I play mobile sas4 only now, and I have a really good loadout that I am putting up for critical review

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  • Super Saiyan 7 Somebody

    Guess! I don't mean more boring Premium weapons either. I mean like a new map with all-new objectives to complete and a story building on the game's current plot... or a new weapon class for a handful of new weapons... or something like that...

    But worry not, I already know what's coming next.

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  • Gracchus Mccarthe

    I added a soundbyte of me stating Gracchus Mccarthe's motto. You can hear it on my profile page. The sound has not been altered: I just have a rather low voice.

    So, thoughts?

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  • The Augster at NK

    Senior Assault Commander Stewart Getty's face was extremely red as he shouted at Dr. Berkeley-Harris Braxton.

    "Do you have any conception, any idea at all, of what could happen if you keep mettling with this virus?! It may have the greatest potential in experimental medicine, but it comes at a monumental risk! The price for faliure is all of humanity! Get those fucking dollar signs out of your eyes and see the damn monster you are creating!"

    Braxton didn't turn around. He said, "Stop shouting, you barbarian. If we don't take some risks in-"

    Getty grabbed Braxton by the neck and threw him into the door. He shouted, "Look at me in the God-damned eye and say with a straight face that ninety-five billion human beings are some risks! All you whores …

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  • Hunter-1-2-1


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  • SAS Heavy Unit 01

    VUI: Very Unintelligent Idiot

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  • Gracchus Mccarthe

    I recently ranked up (after losing a MP mission; I barely had any XP left to go), and the notice showed that I received a Titanium strongbox.

    After exiting out of that, I didn't have a box to open (since we lost the mission). After a few seconds, it showed the post-mission black box screen. I didn't have a black box before this mission.

    So yeah. Crazy, right? Also, this is proof that black boxes are just black versions of regular boxes.

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  • The Augster at NK

    This is a sequel to Sanitation, which can be read here:

    The alarm stopped five seconds after it started. The new transfers wondered why Getty stood there, somehow knwing it was a false alarm.

    "Excuse me, but I need to make a quick call," Getty said calmly to the new guys. He placed two fingers on his left ear, where there was a hidden communicator. In a sudden outburst of anger the took the entire bay by surprise, Getty shouted, "Petty Joe, you have five fucking seconds to explain why the actual fruit fuck you decided to pull the fucking attack alarm before I kick your shitty ass!"

    Through the communicator, Joe responded, "I'm very sorry sir! I-I was j…

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  • Shruikenpuppyninja36

    Lets have a stories blog. Comment a story you experienced in gameplay one time that is interesting or funny.

    -let me start.

    so 1 time while playing on onslaught I encountered a necro at level 27. everyone but me disconnected. I had to defeat it myself using a Red hvm 002 that i auged poorly. (3 deadly 3 overclock i think). it took like ~10 minutes

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  • Gracchus Mccarthe

    A while back, I thought of an idea for a boss buff: Titan. +50% size, range, and damage.

    If this were implemented, check out what it would look lik to have a:

    1. Savage Devastator

    2. Nightmarish Savage Devastator

    3. Nightmarish Savage Devastator during the new boss bounty event

    4. Titan Nightmarish Savage Devastator during the new boss bounty event

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  • Blue The Raptor

    it looks like it wants a core, should i core it just for fun?

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  • The Augster at NK


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  • Blue The Raptor

    im a ghost now, boo

    1. pissing me off
    2. bloater
    3. fighting a necrosis with fists
    4. nightmare mode
    5. 1 necro
    6. two necro
    7. red necro
    8. blue necrosis spawn
    9. vip
    10. survivors
    11. self-boosting too much
    12. devastators
    13. savage regurgitator
    14. purge nests
    15. playing with turrets
    16. regurgitators
    17. humping a devastator
    18. afk
    19. fire
    20. pissing off other players
    21. refusing to play a mp game with me
    22. playing candy crush instead of shooting zombies
    23. rocket launchers
    24. shamblers
    25. shielders
    26. spitters
    27. shitters
    28. deez nutz
    29. zombie mech

    more comin soon

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  • Gracchus Mccarthe

    My answer: Dabooglius.

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  • Gracchus Mccarthe

    First off, there's been some drama on this wiki lately regarding GANB, and whether or not he should be a bureaucrat/admin. Anyway, if he were demoted, would we select someone to replace him? We still have SS7S, but he's not as active on the wiki. So, do you think another user should be promoted to bureaucrat?

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  • Blue The Raptor

    best sidearm weapon?

    February 29, 2016 by Blue The Raptor

    wut is the best siedarm wepon?

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  • Bing445

    Demotion for GANB

    February 29, 2016 by Bing445

    Read this.

    Also, add your name and what option you picked in the comments, so that the Wikia staffs can consider your vote.

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  • GoldenApple NB

    This wiki on downfall

    February 23, 2016 by GoldenApple NB

    It's like as active as the conception wiki was when it was most active

    I guess as the game dies, the wiki dies with it

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  • Awesomizer

    The Illuminati Takeover

    February 23, 2016 by Awesomizer
    Hi. My name is Jeff. I'm a dude who likes potato chips, lightly salted with cocaine. It hurts my throat. I don't know why. I also like [REMOVED]. I'm just not into [REMOVED].
    So, now that I have introduced myself, let me introduce you to my wife. Nurpledurple, will you come out?
    "no fuk u"
    "bitch pls"


    Oh shit. My HP is going down. I need some medpacks that have magical white liquids that cure everything. This is why I hate bringing my Junk Jet into the house. My wife shoves a rock down into the barrel and shoots me. I hate that. I can't find one.
    I walk outside and find a medpack. yay

    what the hell
    its raining doritos and mtn dew
    k lemme eat sum.
    taste god.
    smok wed eryday

    15 YEARS LATER Jimmy you little fucker turn off the caps

    I wake up. My…

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  • WizardLord160

    The Infection : Part II

    February 21, 2016 by WizardLord160



    Griffin was sharpening his knife, he had escaped from the Anti-Infection Zones the military had put up. The government is collapsing and martial law has been passed. The Anti-Infection Zones were supposed to house civilians and were protected by the military. Every day, they had random checkings to see if anybody had the virus. Anybody found with it... were killed. Though, most Anti-Infection Zones have fell from numerous infected attacks, some still stand, like the Sacramento Zone, which Griffin escaped from. He was supposed to meet with one of his friends. Griffin put his knife away, he was well prepared as he knew the outside... was very dangerous. He spotted some people bot very far away...

        " Bandits, " he mutte…

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  • Blue The Raptor


    February 21, 2016 by Blue The Raptor


    12**** sabre with race modded and capacity maxed = fast reload time

    12*** gloves of any kind with nimble = faster reload time

    top it with fast reload 25

    total? 0.3

    highest damage?

    12**** HIKS 3000 [black] with deadly 12

    damage: 16953.75

    add dedly force 25

    damage is 20047.5

    prem ammo with maxed mastery = 30071.5 damage, r.i.p necros, they get 3-shotted

    enough to kill through many regurgs, wow

    that's normal ammo

    wanna know the one with premium ammo level 5?


    idc, lets have a look

    25430.63 damage!

    r.i.p devs and necros, devs get killed in less than a sec


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  • WizardLord160

    The Infection : Part I

    February 20, 2016 by WizardLord160

        Griffin woke up to the sound of his phone ringing. Still tired, he picked it up anyways.        

        " Hello? I was still sleeping! " he shouted.       

        " This is an automated message from the U.S.A Civil Defense and Homeland Security Department. All soldiers all to report to their local garrison and await further instructions. The United States is currently- "        

        " Hello? Ugh, got cut off... " Griffin then got out of bed. " This sounds fucking serious. " He got dressed and ran quickly downstairs, sirens were blaring, ambulances and police cars quickly pasted by. " Knowing this was a real emergency, he grabbed his equipment and a pistol and exited the house. Griffin saw a police officer and approached him to ask what's going …

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  • Ghostwolf18

    As she squeezed the trigger a little harder, she said "Ghost?" With a quivering voice.

    "Yes. It's me Colt." Responded Ghost empathetically.

    "Good. Didn't want to waste a bullet on some worthless troop" Colt said.

    The gun fired, and hit Ghost's chest plate. The bullet from the HVM 001 bounced off harmlessly to Colts surprise. She looked at the gun with much dismay. Colt lifted her head back up in time to catch the butt of Ghosts Proposition with her jaw.

    "Well team, we got the package. Let's go home" ordered Ghost.

    The teams headed back to the dropships with Colt over Gracchus's shoulder. Ghost began to wonder how Colt knew they would be there. Then, not only colt, but how did HVM know they would be there. This was a surprise attack. The ships w…

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  • Blue The Raptor
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  • Gracchus Mccarthe

    Dark Minions.

    February 16, 2016 by Gracchus Mccarthe

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  • Dragonlord0007

    Hi guys!

    Should I write a story?

    I DO enjoy writing (and my teachers say I'm amazing at it even though I disagree), but I'm not sure, for a few reasons.

    1. I don't know what to write about

    2. In what style do I write in?

    3. Should I even bother?

    Plez tell me in the comments section, or in a poll if I get that working. Cheers!

    EDIT: Got poll working. Yay

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  • Ghostwolf18

    "Get ready boys!" Yelled the pilots, as the gunships screamed through the air at blistering speeds. "Listen up men. Here's our mission. We are call sign wolf squad, and we are to meet up with Rebel squad, able squad and Blue squad to form Easy Company. Once we're on the ground, our objective is to destroy any HVM units we come across. Finding Colt is a secondary objective." Explained Ghost. "Any Questions?" There were none.

    "Remember team, we have limited air support from Cloud Guardian. He has to support all four squads. Able Squad and us are to link up and go in while the other squads go a different way. There's Able squad now." Said Ghost.

    "Hello. I'm Nightmare." Explained the leader of Able Squad. "And this is Blaze, Cricket and Raven. I…

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  • WizardLord160


    February 5, 2016 by WizardLord160
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  • WizardLord160

    This build focuses on dropping as many medkits as fast and as possible. It o​​nly requires 4 skills maxed out.

    25 Medkit (Duh)

    25 Energy Regen (Combine this with Revitalizing augs on armor for max effect)

    25 Energy Boost (350 max energy capacity + etc)

    25 Final Farewell (When you die, you will also heal + drop, a double bonus)

    This build focuses on providing extra firepower while healing when needed.

    25 Biocleanse Bomb (It actually gets pretty powerful)

    15 Antidote (It is actually worth it, criticize me)

    10 Energy Regen (Combine with augs for max effect)

    10 Energy Boost (+100 energy capacity)

    40 of anything else you want.

    Pretty much maxing out Final Farewell and some other random skills. I haven't tried it yet.

    An Assault that doesn't focus on defens…

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  • Gracchus Mccarthe

    What's the worst Nantrollium you've ever gotten in S4S?

    For me, it's a Nantonium from a NM Sav Dev Elite. The screen flashed when I opened it, but it had a key, not a core. And I already had 4 or 5 keys. :|

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  • Bing445

    Mobile guide

    January 27, 2016 by Bing445

    Alright, I'm gonna guide your through the game (mobile version mainly), since you're a newbie to SAS: Zombie Assault 4 mobile, looking for tips, whatever!

    Builds First off, to play effectively, you need an effective build! Your build means a lot and can vary, depending on your play style. Notice, these are guidelines for how your build should look like. Doesn't have to be exact.


    • 10 Fast Reload should be the cap for ALL builds. Although, 6 points, 8 points, etc, could work.
    • You usually want a decent amount of points invested into Body Armor Expert. 20~25.
    • If you're not a critical build, go for 1 point into Critical Shot to gain the effect. Please don't do any more than 1 if you're not a critical build, as it would be a waste.
      • Same goes to Ki…

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  • Gracchus Mccarthe

    Your answers can be serious, sarcastic, funny, satirical, etc.

    I just want to know what you people think a class based on me would be like.

    Here's an example.

    Keep in mind, every class has a unique starting weapon and a specified base HP, along with 4 passive skills, 2 active skills, and a level 20 activated skill.

    EDIT: Here are some of my likes and dislikes for S4S:

    Heavy Class L

    Proposition L

    Heartburn D

    Shockfield D (it's OK, but I don't care for it)

    Tanking L

    Hardplate L

    Titan armor L

    Hotspot L

    Wickers L (Balrog FTW!!!)

    DM Sav Necro D (OP)

    Wasted Cores D (on normal equipment/low level good weapons)

    25 BAE on a very weak armor build D

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  • Yelain12

    Rocket Help

    January 21, 2016 by Yelain12

    I need help picking out what rocket to grind time on Survivor map, leave comments below.

    HIKS 3100 10*** Deadly, Overclocked, and Adaptive.

    T-101 Feldhaubitz [RED] 10*** Deadly, Capacity, and Race Moded

    Gebirgskanone [RED] 10** Capacity

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  • Gracchus Mccarthe

    My answer: No. Well, sort of...

    B-b-but, it has 15000 DpS ! Full-auto would be OP!

    OK, let's take a look at its stats:

    • Dmg: 975
    • DoT: 750/2 sec
    • RoF: 10 RpS
    • Prc: 2
    • Cap: 30
    • Rld: 2.3 sec
    • Move: -15%
    • Drop: 37

    Looking at these stats, the Striker might seem like a switch to full-auto would make it OP, and it would be OP without a drop level adjustment. However, consider its stats compared to another AR, the Sub-light COM2, which is widely considered the best AR in S4S:

    • Dmg: 2325
    • RoF: 5 RpS
    • Prc: 7
    • Cap: 30
    • Rld: 3 sec
    • Move: -20%
    • Drop: 90

    Now I'll list the advantages of each weapon:


    • double RoF
    • slightly shorter reload
    • (insignificantly) lower movement penalty
    • lower drop level (I'll get to that soon enough) ;)


    • much higher pierce
    • longer firing period
    • 1/2 cost ammo
    • all u…
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  • Herden5

    Weird day in SAS

    January 19, 2016 by Herden5

    You know the feeling when you teching a game to your friend, who has never played it before? Well I had to do it many times, for my friends. 

    My first experience on teaching a friend how to play was about 8 months ago. We started at a private match on Onslaught map. I was lvl 31, he was lvl 1. He didn't understand anything about the game, and it seemed funny to me, until the gates broke, he ran out, and got dead, over and over again. I tried to say to him to come out of the dark area, and heal him quicker, but it seemed like teaching a rock.

    When finally the bosses came ( Xtra fast Devastator + 2 Reurgitators) he had died 10 times already (messed with my counting). He managed to run back to the bay, while I was clearin it all. 

    After all that…

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  • Cr1ms0nFkr

    Chapter 2

    January 15, 2016 by Cr1ms0nFkr

    Hi again.

    Due to the massively(small) amount of people that checked out my first chapter.

    I wrote another one.


    Chapter 2----------------------------------------

    •15 days after Station destruction•

    "Today, we honor those who were lost in the vicious attack. Chuck Lee, Bruce Norris, Alexander Jones, Orbit Flyer, *cough* not *cough* Donald Duck(you all know who i mean....-_-), Chronos, Zeus, Jack Ben,..."

    As Lithu stood there, listening to the trail of words that were whispering around him....

    "George Luke, Thomas Stanley, Frederick Johnson, Jackson Almond,....

    'Goodbye my friend" mourned Lithu as he waited for his friends name.

    "Lithuania Crimson, Mikey Red,.."

    The rest of the names blurred as Lithu's life got shaken out of it's path. 'Wait, they …

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  • Helios Ex

    The shuttle held together as we approached Aartis, which was only a few hours away, and the ride was calm and pleasant. However, when we did land, we were poked and prodded by every possible piece of equipment, making for a truly uncomfortable experience, although Doc managed to get out of the extensive probing with some medical jargon, unlike Rick and I. After this we were sent to our lodging. After a few days of much needed solitude, Rick and I decided to hit the gym. We tried out this game similar to the ancient American football, called grid, and I can't say that I enjoyed it, though one of the guys on the opposing team, Benson or something, seemed a bit too into the game. After this rick got a new Personal mile-time record, with 4:58.…

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  • Ericshaofangwang

    I'm Back!

    January 14, 2016 by Ericshaofangwang

    Zombiblitz88 here, been away for a few months (had stuff to do as well as upcoming exams in school) and I have to say I'm glad I'm back! 

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  • The Augster at NK

    It was going to be a tiring day for High Assault Commander Stewart Getty, First Mate of the TFV Medea, the most advanced ship in the Trans-Federation. Today, some new transfers were headed to the ship to be introduced into the life of a spaceship sailor. Despite being positioned at the most prestigious place for hands-on experience with fighting the Thera Virus, most transfers were very ungrateful of their new position. Stewart Getty recieved his orders from Admiral Anforth.

    "Stewie, the arrivals are in cargo bay 15. I assume you know how to deal with 'em," the Admiral said. Stewart unethusiastically remarked, "Yeah, yeah, yeah. Send the goody-two shoes to cargo shipping, and the bad boys to Sanitation. I'll be right on it. Sir."

    Getty walke…

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  • Cr1ms0nFkr

    Hi all. This is Crim here, was reading some SAS stories and decided I would try one. Hope you enjoy!


    The sound of Lithu's alarm clock erupted through the small room as random bits of clothing on the bed slowly reached out and hit the snooze button. Lithu's head popped out the top and he blinked sleepily as he climbed out of bed.

    "Augh, I really need to get a better alarm." He spoke to an archaic looking gun, 2 feet long with black markings and a small plate that said 'Due to extreme courage and bravery, we, the owners of Rancor, are proud to present this custom Mixmaster to Lithuania Red, due to his honor and integrity in the zombie attack at the Station.' He walked over and ran his fingers over the massive gun, then picked …

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  • Whyareyoureadingthis2

    By that i mean as in a SAS 4 player (like GE did). Pros and cons like in his.

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  • Ghostwolf18

    Ghost woke up from another nightmare. As usual, Gracchus was looking at him when he turned over. Gracchus sure was loyal to Ghost. Sky, a light sleeper, was already in the mess hall. Apple, was doing what he did best. He was playing video games. Ghost took one look at the set up. He noticed something was wrong. Apple was hanging from the roof. Dangling almost. Then he sprung into action like nothing ghost had ever seen before. Apple had virtually hung himself apparently.

    "Suicide is only the answer if they have you Apple." Gracchus said. "Screw that" Apple replied. "They can't get close to me with my Modified gigavolt. Steady stream of electricity with no damage. Just the way I like it." "This is why our kill count is so low Apple. You don…

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  • Ghostwolf18

    My brothers

    January 9, 2016 by Ghostwolf18

    I have returned. That is all.

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  • Bomber35

    I am happy that mobile finally has nightmare mode. I find it to be fun ,but there is obviously some issues on mobiles version of nightmare mode.

    First you may find that killing a Nightmarish Savage Devastator or a Savage Devastator Elite Savage Necrosis Elite drops crappy grade boxes. Next you find that since all you find is crap boxes your chances of killing a Savage Necrosis Elite and finding EAC without finding a nantonium strongbox is slim to none.

    Now if you remember before the patch that if you closed the app while playing a session full of noobs with no adaptive then opening the app again you find you didn't lose your ticket. Now if you try that you find that you have lost your ticket, and on mobile tickets refresh every 24 hours so…

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  • GoddamnElectric2

    What are pros and cons of me as a a sas 4 player?

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  • Gracchus Mccarthe

    I am Yomamafat. He is a sockpuppet of me.

    I decided I'd like a challenge, so I made a sockpuppet. I decided to act like a complete n00b and was intentionally VERY annoying.

    Sorry AWC9337 for blowing so many of your brain cells.

    Anyway, yes. I'm banned. Sorry people.

    BTW, if necessary, I can provide proof of my claim.

    Good-bye wiki! I'll be back eventually (I don't know when)! :P

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