• Bloonsdestroyer

    Someone tell me if this is fair

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  • Godlike Player

    Today new version of SAS 4 Mobile arrived!

    New prems:


    Calamity (Shotgun that shoots explosive bullets)

    Contagion (LMG That shoot explosive poison bullets)

    • - Better Than 12**** Zerfallen and 12**** Black stripper due for his DoT and damage (5011120000 Damage in one boss Lmao)
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  • Gracchus Mccarthe

    Good bye!

    August 31, 2016 by Gracchus Mccarthe

    Have fun, folks. I'm off to college. I'll try to drop in every so often if I can.

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  • 77coolguy
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  • Godlike Player

    You walting new weapons?

    Write Yes or No.

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  • Gracchus Mccarthe

    ...of animals. :D

    If you think about it, every living thing is a child.

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  • ZX840

    These moments when...

    July 24, 2016 by ZX840

    Post your most annoying/awkward moments here. Real/Fake, doesn't matter. it's for the LoLs

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  • Pingo Penguin, the Scientist

    This blog is to inform you how to submit to me your own test weapon. i will review it and give you information. They must be applied in this way. Write in the comment section this:

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  • Pingo Penguin, the Scientist

    Let me explain... oh god.

    The Ronson 45 is the most overpowered gun in the game probably. I have a black-grade 4 star level 12 and it does 3982.5 Damage. And where to start with...? Okay. With this damage, you'd be rekking most bosses (excluding Savage bosses and somethin' like dat. I used Capacity, Overclocked, Deadly, and Pinpoint. here are the stats. May I warn you, I'm a sorta cheater.

    One of the most powerful commercially

    available hand guns. What it lacks in its

    relatively small clip size it makes up for in

    sheer stopping power.

    Damage:       3982.5

    Pierce:          6

    RPS:            19.8rps

    ClipSize:       88

    Reload Time: 0.9 sec

    Movement:    0%

    Category:      Pistol

    Damage:       Physical

    Crit:              18

    Adaptive:       0%

    Tell me in the com…

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  • GoldenApple NB

    Civ 5

    July 21, 2016 by GoldenApple NB

    cya next era

    stay Civilized. I'll board the time machine to the future

    Useful reference:
    - There's 168 hours in a week
    - There's 720 hours in 30 days
    - There's 8760 hours in a year


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  • Gracchus Mccarthe

    Not really S4S-related, but ih, whatever. I made these in 1-3 hours each, and they're made from 7, 8, 3, and 25 separate frames (respectively). I haven't gotten around to makng running or reloading animations for them yet.

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  • Gracchus Mccarthe

    Well, here comes a big announcement.

    I'm off to college at the end of this month. I'll make the following statements so you won't have to ask. I will be attending PCC (Pensacola Christian College), my major is Computer Science and Software Engineering, and I am excited.

    I'm gonna leave this here. Yes, that mug belongs to yours truly. There's no need to call me ugly; I already know I am. :D

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  • ZX840

    Hey guys, if you have any questions/inquiries or things you think I shoud add to my list that I made and continue to update regularly, comment below. 

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  • RadioactiveH

    Before it used to be no contest,Mixmaster duh. Especially on mobile.(and only on mobile, i think) But thanks to NK, the rps went from 12 to 6. The amazing dps for even a standerd mixy was amazing. Damm you NK!.

    I retired my black mixy and tryed several other weapons, nothing was able to comapre to my "once powerfull mixy" even the great and powerfull hornet wasnt enough. I then stumbled into the ronson 55 red, A clean 10***, out of a steel box. I used to always sell this gun due to the fact of the bad reviews, well, ***** you basterds. I maxed it out, and the gun was able to kill a savage wicker in seconds. (Ags were deadly, overclocked, pinpoint, my reload was .4 seconds) Then courious i had hacked one of my profiles, cored it, and added a…

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  • JRQL

    Build Help

    July 6, 2016 by JRQL


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  • ZX840

    First Necro Encounter

    July 5, 2016 by ZX840

    I'm interested to know (if you can remember) what your first encounter of a necro was like. 

    What mode you were on, if you died tragically, if it dropped a nano cause of some random miracle, anything surprising, etc. share your first necro experience here! 

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  • Godlike Player

    You like using cheats in game? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Write in comments ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Write Yes or No.   

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  • RadioactiveH

    Ive been tempted to hack my profile. I wont say with how or what, but ill mention a few apps that allow you to hack sas 4. But the big thing that is bugging me is that do you get caught or do hackers just roam. Note this is mobile version im talking about. So here is the big question.

    If i hack will NK know and immeaditly ban me, or will it take time to do it. If i do get caught, what will happen, will i no longer have access to my profile? Will i no longer be able play in MP matches and NM mode, and events. And finally if i do decide to hack, will NK find me easy like a blinking light in a dark room ( you can tell im nervous about hacking my profile).

    Thanks for commenting, i really appreacitate it, just to lower my tense.

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  • Godlike Player


    In this blog you talk about your favorite gun.

    My favorite gun is T-101 Feldhaubitz.

    You have favorite gun? Write in comments!

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  • Gracchus Mccarthe
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  • ZX840

    Strongbox NickNames

    June 19, 2016 by ZX840

    Hey guys, just wanted to make this disccusion post on the top of what nicknames you give the strongboxes in SAS4. 

    List yours below! (I will update mine as I create new ones - just cause I don't have ones for all just yet)


    1. Steels - 
    2. Titaniums - Breasts (tits is short for titaniums)
    3. Molybdinums - 
    4. Iridiums - 
    5. Neodyniums - 
    6. Promethiums - 
    7. Thuliums - Toilet Rolls (Taken from Trollium Box and mashed up)
    8. Nantoniums - Grandma Boxes (originaly Granny 'toes' nan'toes')
    9. Black Boxes - Coal Boxes (cause coal is black :P )

    Mine are bascially nicknames taken from the original word, and either scramblled into new words, or altered by the use of antonyms. 

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  • RadioactiveH

    Drop the game, uninstall it and burn it. Go to Best Buy, by a expensive computer. You dont have money, well thats too bad, there is only one thing to do.

    -being chased by cops for stealing a laptop-

    Go home, play SaS 4 desktop, and enjoy.

    Please note that im not responsable for you burning your mobile device or for being set to prsion, having a life sentence, the loss of any valuabes, and the loss of any organ parts (dont ask)

    Reason to not play mobile version. 1. Elite cores are so dam hard to get 2. The last "major" update was months ago so you can guess how often NK will update mobile 3. There will be many jerks that will leave you in nightmare if your a low level

    Other than that mobile will also give you many advantages, but im too lazy t…

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  • SAS Heavy Unit 01

    Put your arsenal in the comments.

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  • SavageNecrosis


    June 5, 2016 by SavageNecrosis


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  • RadioactiveH

    Well, many of you already know but sas 4 is coming to an end, just like its former brother, sas 3. And i havent heard any "offical" eveidence that NK will realease sas 5. Yet the downfall of mobile and its many advantages are also coming to an end. NK killed our mixy, made black keys rarer, and hopefully they still havent found out about the glich in the game where you can get rewards in events over and over so you can get your weapon of choice ( forget i ever said that)

    The rest of this blog will be me moaning about my dead black mixy.

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Why NK, why did you kill mixy, it used to be 12rps but now its 6 why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My mixy shall rest in peace, we have many joys together, won 200+ games, lost 10+ games, we were to…

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  • SAS Heavy Unit 01

    I might be stupid for eacing it, but who cares. It mows them down extremely easily

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  • GoldenApple NB

    Lemme guess... not a single update since the new prem weapons been added

    Anyone here play The Last Stand: Dead Zone?

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  • Ifthenelse01

    very intresting question, what weapon is all around better supermarine or mixmaster?

    This is open to debate 

    supermarine mixmaster Winner
    DPS (Black) 10800 10800 tie
    pierce dps 32400 32400 tie
    lifetime of clip* 12 seconds 18 1/3 seconds mixmaster
    reload time 3.4 seconds 2.1 seconds Mixmaster
    concussion** 15 flechetes per second 12 flechetes per second mixmaster**
    movment penelty -8% -27% supermarine
    masteries lv 1 +5% damage +2% crit chance supermarine
    masteries lv 2 -8% movmnt penetly  + 10 clipsize mixmaster
    masteries lv 3 +1 pierce +10% damage to bosses tie
    masteries lv 4 +50 clip +5% damage supermarine
    masteries lv 5 35% target resist +1 peirce supermarine
    collections 5% damage +10 clip size supermarine
    collections red  +5% clip +5% damage mix…

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  • RadioactiveH

    Well, its about time, im stuck, i cant seem to decide on which weapons to ake out to my next match, so i decided to actully post it. Can i plz have your advice, note that im a level 82 with max skill points on adredaline and crit shots. I play on mobile. I dont really care much about the heavy lifting, and the reload time (ive got skill points in reload and titan gloves with nimble aug) this is my invatory:

    1887 RED Shockfield 10*** Deadly,overclocked,capacity

    Stripper RED 10*** Tenacious,Overclocked,Adaptive

    Stripper Black 7*** Overclocked,Deadly,Capacity

    Shotilte Tempest Black 10*** clean, no augs

    Hornet RED 9*** Deadly,Overclocked,Adaptive

    HIKS S300 Black 9*** Deadly,Tenacious,Overclocked

    T-102 Jagdfaust BLACK 6*** Deadly,Overclocked,Empty Slo…

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  • 77coolguy

    300 edits

    May 14, 2016 by 77coolguy

    After nearly 2 months since I created my account and joining this wiki, I have reached a total of over 300 edits. I'm really addicted to this place, aren't I? ツ

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  • The Augster at NK

    I'ma be gone for the weekend, pls hold things together while I'm gone ty

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  • Knight350

    WP stats.

    May 12, 2016 by Knight350
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  • A Wikia Contributor 9337

    From 5/12 to 5/16 8 pm UTC-8 I will be away.

    Gudbai to all.

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  • Gracchus Mccarthe

    You may have seen that I've been posting pics of SAS 4-themed Hulkbusters on the NK forum. Well, there are six left, and I'm taking polls for the order in which the rest get posted. You can vote if you want, and you might like looking at the ones already posted.

    That's the latest one. Each Hulkbuster post has a link to the previous one. Here's where to vote on which one gets posted next.

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  • Knight350

    First mission.

    May 8, 2016 by Knight350

    Chapter 1: Severe Loss

    "What's wrong, Fieldson?"

    "Just feelng sick, that's all." Feeling sick? I feel more than sick. I feel like shit right now. What happened to Jakobson... I'm not forgetting that anytime soon. 

    Allow me to introduce my self. I'm Sgt. Fieldson, Heavy SAS trooper. Though my rank may signify experience in the field, I've only ever been on 2 missions. I'm only a Sgt. because I have pull with the Brass. I'm currently undergoing PTSD therapy due to shock trauma in my first mission. I've been suspended from active combat duty, so I've got nothing better to do. This is what happened...

    Three months ago, we received a distress signal from a city on Aartis. It had said that the town was overrun yet again with zombies, even after being…

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  • Suicide :D

    I am not new.

    I am the old account of tRekt6. First of all, i decided to get a better username, second, i lost the password for the dead account.

    So that's all i wanted to say.

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  • RadioactiveH

    Everyone hates savages. ESPECIALLY DEVESTATORS AND FREKEN NECROS! I JUST WANT TO BEAT THE GUTS OUT OF THOSE TWO, I LOST 10 BLACK BOXES THANKS TO THOSES TWO! Sorry, had to let that out. But i been thinking, a lone player cant take them down (unless you have op weapon) Especially in Nightmare Mode, a single class charactor (like full of assaults only) cant easily take down a savage necro. It takes a team, if your out to hunt cores here is my advice.

    1. 1 every type

    This mean if you are going in a match make sure there is at least one character of each class, assault, heavy, medic.

    Assault: can use adrenaline, a speed boost is very usefull when running away from bosses or hords, or you just want to kill faster. Assault team is an option, but Adrena…

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  • RadioactiveH


    The only two that deal DoT. Prefect of taking down tough targets.


    (This is listed on the most common to get weapons to the higher rarer weapons)

    >RIA 20 Striker= DOT standerd 250, red 500, black 750 >RIA T7= DOT standerd 170, red 300, black 450 >Heartburn= DOT standerd/red 115, black 172.5 >RIA 30 Strikeforce= DOT standerd 80, red 160, black 240 >Ronson WP Flamethrower= DOT standerd 200, red 420, black 630 >RIA T40= DOT standerd 300, red 500, black 750 >HIKS S300= DOT standerd 1000, red 2000, black 3000

    PREM: >CM 000 Kelvin (this was supposed to be a cryo assault rifle, but its listed as thermal) (no DOT on this gun, at least not that i know of) >Torment (no Dot was listed, even though its a thermal weapon)

    -this isn…
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  • Alab

    Inspired by many users asking which gun is better, I have taken on the mantle of attempting to create something similar to a fan bracket: which SAS 4 regular gun is the best? Remember this is fan-based: this isn't exactly showing what gun is the ultimate best; each person has a different playing style. I didn't include premiums because they are a differen tclassification of weapons; a seperate bracket has been set up for them. To avoid Championships beating down everyone, I also excluded the Trident, M1000, and the Furie, and I didn't even bother to mention the Sadeye here. You may notice that there are no pistols or SMGs listed here, and the reason I did that was because it was no use putting that into the bracket. What is the point of pu…

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  • Bob100000

    2 years of SAS 4

    May 1, 2016 by Bob100000

    Now that it's May 2016, it's been almost 2 years since SAS 4 was released to the public. I did not play since the beginning; I first played SAS 4 (and joined this wiki) around Christmas 2014 when I sought more games to get AP in. Two months into playing, nightmare mode, [BLACK] version, and EACs were relased, but at that time I was below level 35. I remember very vividly that I grinded like crazy during Spring Break of 2015 and got to level 46, so the changes since April of last year have made a significant impact to me. Let's start by what changed since last year:

    • Reload cap added - my level 46 assault was heavily dependent on a Race Modded shocky and this greatly annoyed me.
    • Contracts - all bad except for Ammo Recovery. Certain maps very b…
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  • BowDownToAbsorbency

    Well... Rancor Sadeye has been confirmed by Rohan... So stay tuned for a leak! :D

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  • RadioactiveH

    We all know these two weapons are the best in the game. But the question is... Which is better? To me its a tie. You may disaggree, so plz leave a comment on your reason which is better.


    Personally, my mixy is the best dealing 2000 damage, and with double flechets, thats easy math 4000 damage. A perice of three, i can take any hord of zombies (which is really helpful since players are collecting zombies and sending them toward you in The Last Man Standing) One of the best energy weapons ever, since the only bosses that has resinstances are Necro, Wicker, (and i think loaderbot) Other than that, you are a true Z KILLER.


    I heard many stories about the shockfield. I have a red 10*** with capacity,deadly,and overclocked. …

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  • FalconSharkJonopolis835


    Character: ASSAULT


    Chapter 1

    This is a new character i made. it is currently level 1.

    I started with an online match. It was a full gameMe (Assault) two Medics and a Heavy. All level 1's except for the level 13 or 14 Heavy. It started well. Until one of the Medic decided to run to the side of the ship opposite of the ramps. The other Medic and I were defending the bottom ramp. The Heavy was defending the top ramp. I used the limited chat to try and get the other Medic to return but he kept saying "thanks". At this point the Heavy thinks I am talking to him and runs to our aid. I try to switch gate to equilize coverage of the gates, but realize that all the tougher zombie were up th…

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  • RadioactiveH

    I'm the Radioactive

    April 21, 2016 by RadioactiveH

    Im Radioactive. Thats all i need to tell you about my personal life. The rest is unknown. Anyway, this is my first blog, and to show im no noob, ive got a BLACK 12*** mixy, my girl. I take her anywhere. My names on sas are Radioactive, Caliber Hunter, or Arrow Firefight/Firelight. Im no noob, id show you my weapons........if i knew how to post it(shut up im still a noob in this wiki) Im a lev 100 assault by the time you are reading this. And i hope to see you in a nightmare match.

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  • Pearchy

    1. Disable Gore.
    2. Disable VFX. (*you won't see zombie types)
    3. Disable High Quality. (*game will look really bad)
    4. Disable Chat.
    5. Regularly Refresh Page or just refresh when it is getting laggy.
    Gore, VFX, High Quality and Chat are disabled.

    1. Update to Latest Browser.
    2. Update Flash Player.
    3. Play here:
    4. Try both Fullscreen and Windowed, it might make a difference.
    5. Set your Browser Priority higher in task manager. (Without additional software you must set it manually every time you open browser)
    Setting Browser Priority Higher.

    1. Update Drivers.
    2. Close every app/process you don't need.
    3. Adjust Windows for Best Performance in Control Panel.
    4. (laptops) Set Power Settings (battery settings) to "max performance".
    5. Restart computer.

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  • The Augster at NK


    Not a single day goes by where I am not reminded of the destruction of the T.F.V. Medea. Every little thing I've done for the past two years here at West Point reminds me somehow of the most confusing day of my life.

    I remember getting shot, escaping the ship, seeing my insane uncle, the dropship escaping, and then blacking out. Apparently several crew members suddenly lost it and started shooting at the energy core of the ship until it overloaded and exploded. Anyone still on the ship was vaporized instantly. There were almost 250 deaths--almost a third of the Medea's 800 crew members. Among the fallen were SAS soldiers Stewart Getty and Mortimer Collins, the two last known surviving (and sane) members of SAS team 6.

    They jus…

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  • Gracchus Mccarthe

    Show up to some friends' house uninvited, enter without even knocking, and ask for some food.

    Luke 24:

    36 And as they thus [spoke], Jesus himself stood in the midst of them, and saith unto them, Peace be unto you.

    41 And while they yet believed not for joy, and wondered, he said unto them, Have ye here any meat?

    It's in the Bible. ;)

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  • The Augster at NK

    Guys. GUYS. We've been playing Nightmare Mode ALL WRONG!
    But have no fear! I, tytu, the only player in SAS4 who knows how to do it right, have 13 easy-to-follow tips that will put you on track to best a productive, amazing NM mode player!

    Here we go!

    1pods: Thepods bestpods mappods topods playpods onpods Therepods ispods onlypods onepods mappods thatpods isn'tpods completepods garbagepods, andpods it'spods Podspods. Podspods ispods quickpods andpods easypods, sopods everypods other pods mappods ispods completelypods uselesspods. HAILpods PODSpods!

    2: Strategy Is a waste of time. Screw strategy, there no need to use your brain. This is a shooting game, we shoot things. End of story.

    3: Proper use of medkits If you're a medic, you're the most imp…

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  • Helios Ex

    Survival on Thera

    April 8, 2016 by Helios Ex

    “I can’t help but feel like we’re forgetting someone,” Doc pondered as she paced back and forth through the ship. She kept at this for several minutes until she stopped, turned to face Mortimer, and shouted: “FUCK! We’ve forgotten Heli!” She went back to pacing, this time faster, more frantic and anxious than before “We need to go back, but we can’t go back, we have an emotionally unstable Rick, and these idiots who wouldn’t be able to help whatsoever.” She furrowed her brow in intense thought, and then in absolute concession sighed out: “I guess we are going to need to leave him behind.”

    To this Mort responded “He was a dumbfuck for leaving his team behind anyway, though I can’t blame him too much with these shitheads, maybe we’ll be able …

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  • 250gRumpSteak

    This heavy skill tree looks OP, even though it lacks in kill power...

    25 Tough Body

    25 Body Armour Expert

    25 Toughness

    25 Health Regen

    1 Die Another Day

    1 Brute Strength

    1 Ariel Bombardment

    1 Concussion

    4 Hold the Line (otherwise adjust Health Regen and Toughness to get 25 of this)

    How would this go?

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