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SAS: Zombie Assault 3 Weapon
Beretta 93R
Premium Weapon
Beretta poster.png
Available at: Rank 1
Premium Cost: 18 NK Coins
$1.99 (iOS)
Ammo Cost: Free
Damage: 220 (Base)

275 (w/ Extra Damage)

Piercing Ability: 3
Rate of Fire: 3 rounds/sec
180 rounds/min
Firing Mode: Semi-Automatic
Weapon Class: Pistol
Caliber: 9×19mm Parabellum
Capacity: 40 (Base)

80 (w/ High Capacity)

Beretta stats.png

The Beretta 93R is a three round burst pistol featured in SAS: Zombie Assault 3.

It is based on the real-life Beretta 93R.

It costs 18 NK coins ($1.99 on the iOS/Android version) and is unlocked for purchase at the beginning of the game. This gun provides a fairly good amount of damage, as each bullet delivers more damage than the Desert Eagle .50. (Surprisingly, the Glock 20 kills zombies more quickly.) It's good for the mid-ranks (rank 1-30). It's not very good in 2 player co-op, but it is good in single player. This gun can pierce 2 zombies in 1 shot (6 per burst). This gun has almost the same price as the RPG7, but is weaker. However, it could be very useful in many situations. It's better than all SMGs (with the exception of the AUG PARA and the Seizure) and can be used as one, and its unlimited ammo makes it perfect for money saving. Its 40- round clip is another plus for this gun. It's worth the coins. Also, if you know how to shoot accurately, it can be a total killer in the early stages of the battle, perhaps being your primary weapon until wave 5-6 comes. You can easily clear a small crowd of swarm zombies within mere seconds. If you don't have enough coins for a Glock 20, this is definitely a good investment.