Selection 004



The Selection 004 logo in mobile.

BLACK Version is a new version of weapons and armor introduced in the February 3rd update in 2015 of SAS: Zombie Assault 4. Being extremely powerful compared to even RED weapons and armor, these can only drop in Black strongboxes, which themselves are hard to find. These Black strongboxes additionally require hard-to-get Black Keys to open them, so Selection 004 weapons and armor are currently rare among players. Black Strongboxes can be collected in any game mode, though they are most common in Nightmare Mode. They can also be collected by acquiring augment XP.

Stat Differences

  • Selection 004 weapons are 1.5 times as powerful as RED ones in terms of damage and DOT.
  • Selection 004 armor compared to RED armor has triple the defensive stats, plus a defense bonus of 100 in all three resistances. Due to this, an HVM Kevlar Vest in its Selection 004 version is tougher than the Rubicon Hardplate Chest in its RED version, even though the Kevlar Vest is the second weakest vest in the game, and the Hardplate Chest is the strongest one.
  • Selection 004 ammo costs 1.2 times as much as RED ammo or 12 times the cost of normal ammo.


  • All pieces of Selection 004 equipment feature a white ring split in half vertically, with the exception of most Smokestack weapons.
  • On Rancor weapons, the smaller 2 semicircles inside the bigger ones are replaced with a glowing white Rancor skull logo.
  • All Selection 004 weapons also have three white stripes except the RIA T40.
  • Selection 004 weapons can sell for a maximum of $10,000 (as is the case with RED weapons).
  • There were no Selection 004 pistols until a major patch on October 5th, 2015. Now there are Selection 004 pistols, but only four: the Ronson 45, Poison Claw, Mustang, and Trailblazer.
  • Championship reward weapons do not have a normal or RED version.
  • Certain Selection 004 weapons in mobile have the PC sprite (e.g. Hotspot). A notable exception would be Shotlite weapons. Interestingly, when one receives a  Selection 004 weapon in mobile, the mobile sprite will appear for a split second after opening the box before turning into the  Selection 004 PC sprite. Again, Shotlite weapons are the exception.

    Semicircle and the three white stripes on an HVM 004


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