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Augmentation is a mechanic in SAS: Zombie Assault 4 that is used to make weapons and armor pieces stronger. Sometimes, the weapon/armor comes with an already applied augment. When you retrieve an armor or weapon from a Strongbox, it comes with 0 to 2/3 augment slots (depending on whether it's a weapon [3 slots max] or armor [2 slots]), each with 1 to 10 levels. Weapons can only have 0 to 3 initial max augment slots, and armor can only have 0 to 2. Elite Augment Cores can be used to add another augment slot, meaning the most augment slots weapons can have is 4, and armor, 3. Additionally, Cores can be used to add another level to the augment slots, up to two more than the max, for a total of 12 levels.

Augmentation Properties

Price vs Lvl.png
  • You may not augment a weapon or armor with the same augment twice.
  • The cost for augmentation can change through the actual weapon's base cost, weapon grade, different augments, and the current level of the augment slot being upgraded.
  • Augments can only be removed with an Elite Augment Core.
  • Augments are capped at 12 levels.

Augmentation prices can be estimated with formula:

 (Price) = (Aug Lvl 1 Price) X (Augment Level)1.4

It should be noted, different augments scale differently in price.

Elite Augment Cores

Main article: Elite Augment Core

Cores are items found in Nantonium strongboxes dropped by Nightmarish Savage Elite Necrosis or Devastators (you can only get a core with this method in Nightmare), and Augmentation Progress Rewards. They can be used to enhance augment grade or slots, remove augments, or increase the stats of a weapon from its base stats.

crafting cost: 300,000 Alloy and 80,000,000 SAS4 cash (PC only, character level 35 required)



Icon (Flash) Icon (Mobile) Augment Name Purpose Available on Cost Multiplier
3284.png SAS4 mobile Deadly.png Deadly +10% damage per level All weapons 4
Overclocked.png SAS4 mobile Overclocked.png Overclocked +10% RoF per level All Fully Automatic Weapons (All Weapons for Mobile) 4
Piercing.png SAS4 mobile Piercing.png Piercing +10% pierce per level All weapons 4
Enlarged.png SAS4 mobile Enlarged.png Enlarged +2.5% blast radius per level Rocket Launchers, Ronson WP Flamethrower, and any arcing weapons 4
Tenacious.png SAS4 mobile Tenacious.png Tenacious +10% DoT per level All weapons with DoT 2
Capacity.png SAS4 mobile Capacity.png Capacity Increases clip size by 10%, 30%, 60%, and +20%/level after that All weapons except Mustang, HVM MPG, Zerfallen and Handkanone 2
Pinpoint.png SAS4 mobile Pinpoint.png Pinpoint +3% critical chance for level one, then +1% for each level after that All weapons 2
Adaptive.png SAS4 mobile Adaptive.png Adaptive +4% of target's resistance ignored per level from levels 1 to 10; +5% of target's resistance ignored per level from levels 11 to 12 (50% ignorance of resistance against an enemy with 40% resistance results in a net resistance of 20%) All weapons 1
Race Modded and Nimble.png SAS4 mobile Race Modded and Nimble.png Race Modded -8% reload time for level one, then -4% for each level after that All weapons 2
Biosynthesis.png SAS4 mobile Biosynthesis.png Biosynthesis +3 HP per zombie kill for each level from levels 1 to 10; +4 HP per zombie kill for level 11; +6 HP per zombie kill for level 12 All weapons 2
Skeletonized.png SAS4 mobile Skeletonized.png Skeletonized Decreases movement penalty by 10%, 20%, 30%, 40%, 50%,
55%, 60%, 65%, 70%, 75%, 80%, or 85% from levels 1 to 12
Any weapon with a movement penalty greater than 0% 2


Icon (Flash) Icon (Mobile) Augment Name Purpose Available on Cost Multiplier
Fortified.png SAS4 mobile Fortified.png Fortified See Defense Augments All armors 1
Heat Resistant.png SAS4 mobile Heat Resistant.png Heat Resistant See Defense Augments All armors 1
Hazchem.png SAS4 mobile Hazchem.png Hazchem See Defense Augments All armors 1
Energised.png SAS4 mobile Energised.png Energised +2.5% max. energy per level All helmets and vests 1
Body Fueling.png SAS4 mobile Body Fueling.png Body Fueling +2.5% max. hp per level All helmets, vests, and pants 2
Tissue Repair.png SAS4 mobile Tissue Repair.png Tissue Repair Increases health regeneration rate by +1, +2, +3, +4, +6, +8, +10, +12, +15, +20, +28, or +38 HP per second from levels 1 to 12 respectively All vests 1
Revitalising.png SAS4 mobile Revitalising.png Revitalising Increases energy regeneration rate by .25 energy per second each level All helmets and boots 1
Resuscitating.png SAS4 mobile Resuscitating.png Resuscitating +5% recovery speed per level All helmets and vests 1
CQC Enhanced.png SAS4 mobile CQC Enhanced.png CQC Enhanced Increases damage to melee attackers by 20, 40, 70, 110, 150, 200, 250, 300, 400, 500, 900, or 1500 damage from levels 1 to 12 respectively All vests 1
Machine Assisted.png SAS4 mobile Machine Assisted.png Machine Assisted Increases movement speed. +1.5% at level 1, then +0.75% every level after. Decimals are rounded up in the tooltip, except for level 10 (8.2%) All pants and boots 2
Race Modded and Nimble.png SAS4 mobile Race Modded and Nimble.png Nimble +2.5% reload speed per level All gloves 1
Target Assist.png SAS4 mobile Target Assist.png Target Assist 2.5% crit chance first level, then + 0.5% per level. Max 8% All helmets 2
Smart Target.png SAS4 mobile Smart Target.png Smart Target +2% gun damage from level 1-4, then +1.5% from level 5-6, then +1% from 6 up. Max 15%@level 10 & 17%@level 12 All helmets 2

Beta Augments

Two other augments existed during an early beta of SAS: Zombie Assault 4 Flash (Accelerated and Enhanced Range), and can still be found in the game's main SWF file along with a third one (Automatic). They were removed at some point and are currently unobtainable.

Icon Augment Name Purpose Available on (at least)
Accelerated.png Accelerated Increased projectile speed (Presumption) Rocket Launchers
Automatic.png Automatic Makes weapon fire automatically (Presumption) Semi-Automatic Weapons
Enhanced Range.png Enhanced Range "Increases effective range of weapon, decreasing damage drop off." (Official description) Pistols, SMGs, Sniper Rifles, and Assault Rifles

Augment Messages

These are armour augments with different names, dependent on the amount of levels added to it (these are currently not in use).

Augment Grades 1-4 Grades 5-8 Grades 9-12
Fortified Reinforced Fortified Ultra Fortified
Heat Resistant Heat Resistant Fire Proof Heat Impervious
Hazchem Sterilized Toxin Proof Hazchem Enabled
Energised Energised Empowered Hyper Empowered
Body Fueling Invigorating Body Fueling Body Optimizing
Tissue Repair Auto First Aid Tissue Repair Nanobot Repair
Revitalising Electrolytic Injection Revitalising Adrenalized
Resuscitating Life Support Resuscitating Rapid Resuscitating
CQC Enhanced Razored Electrified Plasma Coated
Machine Assisted Swift Machine Assisted Machine Augmented
Target Assist Target Assist Smart HUD Laser Target
Smart Target Focused Smart Target Optimized Target
Nimble Nimble Extra Nimble Dexterity Enhanced

Augment XP (currently incomplete)

5% of the SAS 4 creds spent on augments goes to augment XP.

Augment xp 1.png
Augment Level Augment XP to Complete rewards when achieved SAS creds spent on augments to complete
1 500 3 sas cred packs 10,000
2 1,500 4 clips of high damage ammo 30,000
3 3,000 1 black strongbox 60,000
4 7,500 1 thulium strongbox 150,000
5 37,500 2 nanotonium strongboxes 750,000
6 100,000 1 elite augment core 2,000,000
7 350,000 1 black strongbox

3 nanotonium strongboxes

8 500,000 1 black key 10,000,000
9 1,000,000 1 elite augment core

1 black key

10 3,000,000 2 elite augment cores

1 black key

11 5,000,000 5 nanotonium strongboxes

1 elite augment core

1 black key

12 data currently not collected 10 nanotonium strongboxes

1 black key

1 skill point

not collected
13 data currently not collected 2 black strongboxes

2 black keys

2 skill points

not collected
14 25,000,000 3 elite augment cores

5 skill points

15 N/A (Completed) N/A (Completed) N/A (Completed)

augment xp table incomplete