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"Atomic is an experimental combat armor manufacturer. Their engineers work around the clock to design the latest cutting-edge protective equipment in the trans-system. From boots that make you run like a marathoner to a helmet that will let you dip your head in hydrochloric acid, Atomic has you covered when it comes to making something never seen before"
―Official Description

Atomic is possibly the last armor manufacturer who's items you'll see. Atomic Titan armor is known for its special buffs which are naturally on armor, augmented or not.

The Titan IDS 01, Atomic's gloves, has -15% reload time. The Titan IRN HUD, the helmet, has -5% movement speed, but has +10% gun damage. The Titan MEM Sprint, the boots, has +6% movement (+12% RED, Selection 004), and Titan Teslashock, the chestplate, has -10% movement, but does 80 damage to all melee attackers (200/600 RED/Selection 004). The Titan MEM Trooper provides a large health modifier.

Atomic's Titan armor has particularly high defensive stats, though it is outclassed in that by RED HVM armor (besides the buffs), which will probably be acquired at around the same level. Atomic Titan armor is also known to be extremely expensive to augment.

The overall shape is hard, solid, and very fancy. The color is gold with some silver and black. The RED versions will have part of the gold colored red.

Atomic Medusa Armor has small energy buffs as well as minor damage and reload buffs, but it provides the highest chemical defense by far; even more than the Dragonfly series.

Medusa armor has a more complex shape, but it has a fancy design as well, and the color scheme is like that of the Titan series, but the silver is darker, and there is less black.



  • The Atomic armors are somewhat focused on chemical resistance.
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