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Assault Class

"Assault troops are used by the Federation when speed, surprise and violence of action are required above all else."
―Official description

The Assault is one of the three classes you can play in SAS: Zombie Assault 4. This class stars with 2,000 health points. Fitting its name, Assault class mainly focuses on power and mobility. The Assault skills generally increase speed and damage. The Assault's starting weapons are the Z-1 Assault as primary and HVM 001 as sidearm.


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  1. Adrenaline: Increases movement speed, shoot speed and reload time for a short time. This skill's faster reload and higher RoF makes it devastating, even for bosses. The speed buff makes it extremely hard for even the fastest zombies to catch up & is a lifesaver if you are in tight spots.
  2. Deadly Force: Gives you a global increase in damage from all weapons used. This skill increases damage to everything, including turrets and grenades. This is helpful when you focus on damage dealing or want to save cash for augments other than Deadly.
  3. Close Quarters Combat: Strike enemies nearby with your knife. This is quite powerful and useful at low levels, but it becomes obsolete at higher levels. It's recommended to use this skill (especially if your energy is high enough) when you are being cornered or at least when it's truly necessary as each swing costs 10 enery point. Overusing will cause enery depletion & take some time to recover (Investing enough skill point for Energy Boost and/or Energy Regen can compensate this issue. However, considering every use is still needed).
  4. Gun Mod Expert: Reduce cost of augmenting guns, plus 10% augmentation xp. This skill, combining with Deadly Force, will give you more advantage as your weapons have better performance than those used by Heavy & Medic. Plus, it's also needed if you are concerned about your cash usage in later levels (RED & BLACK weapons have significantly higher ammo cost & augment cost than standard ones).
  5. Stim Shot: Automatically regenerates some health when severely injured. This is a life saving skill for many assaults as they generally are not very tough and cannot heal manually. As only some medkits are spawn be default, this skill is also a good substitute for those. However, this skill have 2-minute cool down. It's recommended that you find a safe place once the skill is activated to avoid further damage while letting your HP regenerated at its best.
  6. Killing Spree: 20 zombie killing spree activates increased damage and pierce. Keep killing to maintain effects. Killing 20 zombies in under 2 seconds will activate this skill; the time limit increases as more skill points are invested. It's recommended to use weapons with high damage, RoF & pierce to maintain the effect as much as possible. Using rocket launchers, flamethrowers or any weapon with arc/radius effect can trigger this skill really fast as they deal damage on multiple targets at once. Since this skill requires at least 20 kills in less than 2 seconds, it's a good idea to lure & group zombies into a large swarm so you can have better chance to activate the skill.
  7. Assault Team: Call in an elite assault team to assist you for a short time. A small group of A.I. soldiers will appear. This skill will be temporarily disabled when someone is using this skill. They are very similar in function and appearance to the HVM mercenaries on Ice Station. This skill is really useful in single-player mode. Beside having highest energy consumption in Assault Class's skill list, this skill, like Stim Shot, have 2-minute cool down. It's highly recommended to use only when it's really needed (For example: Being cornered by a large swarm of zombies or when facing boss zombies, who would be usually accompanied by other primary zombies). Initially, the assault team only has 1500 HP & 10% damage dealing for each member. Therefore, investing enough skill points will improve their toughness & damage dealing. If you reach 20 points for this skill, one extra soldier will be added to the team, thus significantly increase the effectiveness of this skill even more.


  • The majority of players like this type of class the best.

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